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Alright you guys, I’m doing a custom glass giveaway to celebrate when I get to 1k followers.
Must be following me.
Reblogs count as an entry each.

Once I reach 1k I’ll pick a winner who gets to choose the color scheme on their own pipe or pendant made by me. (Pics above are some work I’ve made)

I really appreciate all the support as I grow as a glass artist and I’m looking forward to doing more glass giveaways in the future.



bONGLife420 giveaway
-glass chillum/pinchie (lava lamp)
-glass mushroom pipe
-glass bowl

-Must be following me
- ONLY Reblogs will count (reblog as many times as you want) 
- I’ll only ship within the U.S, sorry to my followers overseas
-must be 18+ or older!
Winner will be chosen on Sept 30th! 
Goodluck & stay high ✈️


Winner will also get a promo for the next giveaway i have :) not sure what ill giveaway in that one but ill keep you guys posted 

dont forget winner also gets some raw cones & a pack of juicy jay’s 


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